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My name is Mark Campbell. I am a gunsmith, horner and bladesmith, located in a small Oklahoma town. I have been building flintlocks since 1978.

I handcraft all of my firearms, one at a time. Each is made from a blank piece of wood to fit each individual's pull, drop and cast off. These firearms are made only from the finest parts and woods available. No kits are used.

I am currently offering any style of Fowlers, Pennsylvania, Kentucky or Plains rifle. Pistols are a specialty. All can be made in Flint or Percussion, Full or Half-stock, Swamped, Straight Octagon or Octagon to Round Barrels.

I built a rifle for the State of Idaho out of one the trees that Teddy Roosevelt planted in 1906 that was cut down near the Capitol building. I presented this rifle to the State of Idaho and it will be on rotational display in the Capitol.

I also repair and service muzzleloaders, and have parts available for them as well.

Locks: Chambers-Davis
Barrels: Rice
Stocks: Curly Maple, Birdseye or Walnut
Furniture: Brass, Silver, Iron
Triggers: Own Manufacture

Additionally, I hand forge knives, and create powder horns. Please refer to my gallery pages to see photos of some of my work.

Enjoy the site, and please contact me with any questions or requests. I will be happy to hear from you!

A busy gun shop, but there's always room for more....!


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