Mark Campbell
PO Box 3
Copan, OK 74022


. CustomFlintlocks@hotmail.com


This is a Pennsylvania style rifle of premium curly maple wood -
44 inch swamped barrel - 54 caliber. Entirely hand made except the barrel and flintlock



My personal rifle made from a birdseye blank, 44 inch swamped 54 caliber Rice barrel,
Chambers Flintlock, brass mounted. Handmade double set triggers.


Melissa's Rifle
Curley ash, silver mounted, short rifle, 31 inch
swamped Rice 54 caliber barrel.  Made for the elk hunt!


20 gauge smooth rifle, highly figured curly maple, 44 inch swamped
Rice 20 gauge smooth bore, iron mounted Chambers flintlock.
This smooth rifle is
highly accurate.


20 gauge smooth bore, curly maple, sliding wood patchbox,
42 inch octagon to round barrel, brass furniture.

Southern Mountain style - 44 inch swamped
40 caliber barrel - curly maple stock  with iron furniture

Start of a birdseye maple long rifle, showing component parts and stock.

Rifle and pistol under construction for a customer.

Left: 54 caliber smooth bore extra fancy curly maple, Davis flintlock
54 caliber silver mounted belt pistol, figured walnut

A 75 caliber smooth bore pistol with curly maple stock.

A 45 caliber, Rice barrel, Chambers Flintlock, Silver mounted Curley Maple from a blank.

A 45 caliber brass mounted pistol.


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