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This is a Pennsylvania style rifle of premium curly maple wood -
44 inch swamped barrel - 54 caliber. Entirely hand made except the barrel and flintlock

This is my personal rifle. Birds eye maple stock - 44 inch swamped -
54 caliber Rice barrel - Chambers flintlock - all other parts hand made.

Early Lancaster style rifle, 31 inch swamped 54 caliber
Stump cut ash silver mounted - Carved and engraved.

Southern Mountain style - 44 inch swamped
40 caliber barrel - curly maple stock  with iron furniture

The State of Idaho Rifle

This rifle was made from a blank piece of ash. Teddy Roosevelt planted the ash tree at the Idaho Capitol building in 1906. The tree was cut down in 2007, for the remodel of the capital building. The barrel is a Rice Gun Makers barrel, the flintlock was donated by Chambers Flintlocks.

I made the trigger, ramrod thimbles, side plate, sights, and nose cap, all screws are hand made, including all wood screws.

The trigger guard and butt plate were rough castings. The only power tool used in the building of this rifle was a band saw to cut out the stock profile. The 44 inch swamped barrel was entirely hand inlet. The stock was scraped - no sand paper was used; It was lightly stained using a home made vinegar stain. It has 30 hand rubbed coats of warm beeswax.

It took me almost 2 years to complete the project. It is now on display at the Capital Building.


A 40 caliber long rifle with a 44 inch swamped barrel and a curly maple stock.

Start of a birdseye maple long rifle, showing component parts and stock.

A .62 smooth rifle, made from highly figured curley maple with a 42 inch Rice
Swamped barrel, Chamber's Flintlock, forged iron furniture, coin silver inlays.

Rifle and pistol under construction for a customer.

Left: 54 caliber smooth bore extra fancy curly maple, Davis flintlock
54 caliber silver mounted belt pistol, figured walnut

A 75 caliber smooth bore pistol with curly maple stock.

A 45 caliber, Rice barrel, Chambers Flintlock, Silver mounted Curley Maple from a blank.

A 45 caliber brass mounted pistol.

A 72 caliber pistol with a completely hand made flintlock.